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The Propellyr Data platform is the most comprehensive multi-blockchain data platform which offers a range of data products classified as below:

  • Transaction Explorer - These set of APIs provide all transaction data across multiple blockchains covering blocks, transactions and accounts across different digital assets. The digital assets covered as part of the transactions are detailed in the table below:
Digital AssetSupported Chain
TokensEthereum, Palm
NFTEthereum, Palm
GameFiComing Soon
DAOComing Soon
MetaComing Soon
  • Blockchain MDM - These set of APIs provide master data management across different digital assets. There would range from Tokens, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, DAO and host of other digital assets. Currently extracting this data from different blockchains is a cumbersome process and Propellyr platform makes it easy through a set of APIs. The information included would be name of Token/Smart contract, Total Supply, Meta data information, etc.
  • Event Subscription & Monitoring - With growth of transactions in different digital assets across chains, multiple use-cases are emerging for monitoring of transactions, wallets and smart contracts for possible fraudulent activities. Propellyr brings the most exhaustive monitoring platform which allows subscribing to events based on below criteria:
    • Wallet addresses
    • Transaction threshold amount
    • Smart Contracts TVL
    • Chain
    The notifications alert for these events can be delivered to the customer through Google Sheets, Email, Slack, Webhook Notifications, etc.
  • Adhoc Query Dashboard - An intuitive query interface will be offered to run adhoc queries. Some examples of such queries could be:
    • All transactions for Ethereum for the month of May, 2021.
    • All transactions for one or more wallet addresses.
  • Data Insights - This product will add the intelligence layer to the blockchain data. Some of the machine learning use cases have been documented at “Machine Learning Use Cases”.

The Propellyr API is RESTful. The API is designed around the main resources that's available through the web interface. Sample API calls are provided next to each method using cURL.