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Faster and Reliable Multi Blockchain Data Platform

Accurate and reliable blockchain data leads to better insights. A query engine that super charges your data analytics.

Key Features

Ingesting, processing and maintaining data requires massive infrastructure. Propellyr makes it simple for you.


A fast query engine that super charges your analyses


Get decoded data for transactions & logs to enable SQL on decoded data


Get data streamed in real time to your on-prem infrastructure

Propellyr Data Hub

Propellyr data hubs are the collection of related data. It makes it easy to collect and get insights.

Data Classification

Group data based on digital assets and ERC specifications

Multichain Aggregation

Unified data model from blockchains

Data of Choice

With a data hub, you choose the data of the contracts you need instead of scanning through all transactions written on the Blockchain.

Pre-defined / Custom Transformations

All data hubs comes bundled with pre-defined transformation to get quick and easy insights into the transaction or create your own.

Custom Data Hubs

Get the flexibility of building data hubs across digital assets for easy analytics.

Propellyr FastSQL

A super fast query engine that allows you to quickly analyze large amounts of data without waiting for hours for your query results to return.

Superfast Data Loads

Get all the data you need in few minutes instead of days.

Ephemeral / Durable Infrastructure

For rapid prototyping and analysis. Use it from few minutes to years.

Secure and Isolated Infrastructure

An isolated storage and execution environment.

Fast Query Engine

Run aggregations on millions of rows within seconds.

Merge Off-Chain Data Sources

Merge any time series or off-chain data in few simple steps.

Propellyr Data Streams

Simple and flexible streaming from genesis block to the latest data at your preferred intervals.

Standard data formats

Offers data streaming in all standard data formats (CSV, Parquet, AVRO, JSON, etc)

Stream historical and real time data

Simply specify any date range you need for historical analysis or let us stream the latest real time data to you.

Supports multiple sinks

Stream data directly to any big data platforms or traditional databases.

Batch or Stream

Get data at the frequency you need based on your use cases.

Event Processing

Get events based on the predefined or custom conditions.