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Introduction to Propellyr

Propellyr is a chain-agnostic data platform company which provides accurate and reliable blockchain data. The platform offers a comprehensive set of tools focussed on making Blockchain data analytics extremely fast and simple. Propellyr platform addresses the below problems of Blockchain Data Analytics:

  • Cost - Setting up a data infrastructure for blockchain analytics needs managing blockchain nodes which is expensive.
  • Scarcity of Engineers - Any blockchain data platforms entails building a highly skilled team comprising of blockchain developers, data engineers and application developers which is difficult.
  • Rapidly Growing Ecosystem - The blockchain ecosystem is evolving rapidly with new chains and smart contracts getting added frequently.
  • Diversified Technology Stack - The data stack would need a diverse set of technologies which is hard to build and maintain.
  • Lack of Clean Data - The data available from different blockchain networks needs multiple transformations and cleanup before it can be used for analytics.

How Propellyr solves these problems?

Propellyr leverages modern data engineering technologies to offer an ultra-fast blockchain data SQL infrastructure. Some of the key highlights of the platforms are:

  • Multichain Data - Integration with multiple blockchain networks.
  • Data Hubs - A pre-defined collection of similar smart contracts classified as NFT, DeFi and Bridges offering custom transformations.
  • Unified Data Model - Aggregation of data from different blockchains and transforming it into a unified data model which makes cross-chain analytics easy.
  • Decoder Infrastructure - A database of over 2M+ Contract ABIs for decoding blockchain transactions and log events. The Decoder also offers an AI-based tool to decode smart contracts transactions which are not verified.
  • Ultra-fast SQL Engine - An SQL engine which can run analytics query on 100M+ records within seconds.
  • Batch and Data Streams - Stream data to on-prem infrastructure for Analytics and AI/ML use cases.