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Propellyr is a Data Infrastructure Company

Our Mission

Propellyr is founded in the year 2022 with single goal of simplifying the blockchain data ecosystem.

Our Vision

To create a suite of products that accelerates the data analytics and delivers a truly amazing experience.

Product Status and Roadmap

High level overview of what we want to accomplish in the coming weeks and months.

Our Team


Vivek is passionate about software engineering and travelling.


Rajiv is customer obsessed and loves to simplify complex problems.

Software Engineer

Mohit is an expert software engineer who likes building distributed and high performance systems.

Software Development Intern

Snehil is full stack engineer and has been working on ML and streaming infrastructure. Passionate about trending technology and solving new challenges.

Software Engineer

Alisher is a software engineer who has an unwavering commitment to building user-centric applications and learning new technologies.

Software Engineer

Blockchain enthusiast who also enjoys watching and playing football.

Senior Software Engineer

Ashwini is a software engineer who likes simplifying complex problems. He loves reading books in his leisure and discuss system design.


Board Member and Mentor

Currently CEO at Routespring, Inc.– a company he founded in 2020. Prior to Routespring, Inc, Tarun was co-founders of multiple companies like hCentive, Globallogic and Pinelabs. He has a keen interest in web 3.0 ecosystem as an investor and engineer.

Michael Chen

Michael is a scuba diver and jazz enthusiast who loves to build software. He is always up for a good discussion about software architecture and anything in general.