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Ultra-fast Blockchain Data SQL Infrastructure

Accurate and reliable blockchain data leads to better insights. A query engine that super charges your data analytics.

New Feature

Now track liquidity across DEX protocols

Tax Data

Historical yearly income data of liquidity providers

Liquidity Provider Analytics

DEX Trading and fee calculations data

Zero Hassle Data Engineering

Ingesting, processing and maintaining data requires massive and expensive infrastructure. Propellyr does all the heavylifting and makes it simple for you.

Propellyr manages the infrastructure, pipeline and data collection, so that you can focus on the value, not tools.

Simplify your analytics journey by choosing contracts from pre-labelled data hubs




Blockchain Data Analytics

Performing analytics across chains and contracts requires a large blockchain data and devops teams to maintain. Get on demand high quality data from Propellyr.

Propellyr Components

Multiple ways to get blockchain data to your analytics or machine learning infrastructure.


A super fast query engine for quick analysis.


Get decoded data for transactions & logs.

Data Streams

Get data streamed in real time to your on-prem or private cloud infrastructure.

Try a Faster Blockchain Data Platform

Fast and accurate blockchain data that can be easily customized for your needs. Get all the data across NFT, DeFI, Bridges and other protocols in minutes.

Reduce time for getting insights by over 90%

We dramatically reduce time to market and data acquisition cost for machine learning and data analytics

Industry Use Case

With the unprecedented growth of the Crypto ecosystem, the blockchain data from different networks is gaining relevance for different industries

Traditional Finance & Asset Management

Get account level asset distribution across various digital assets

Arbitrage opportunities across different exchanges in DeFi & LPs

Fulfil regulatory requirements by making all transactions auditable.

Compliance & AML

Trace source and destination of any cryptocurrency transaction

Build graph to track fund flows across chain and thousands of assets

Use account and transaction information to calculate tax liability.

Research Organizations

Build models using off-chain and on-chain data

Risk profiling of CEX, DEX & DeFi Protocols

Get insight into on-chain activity of Virtual Asset Service Provider across chain

Take Flight into a Trillion Dollar Market with Propellyr

Minimize time to market by using our data infrastructure. You focus on getting your core business values and we take care of the data, on-chain and off-chain.